Decorate Safely with a Glass Jar LED Candle

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A glass jar LED candle can make for a very modern décor as well as a source of light for any space. Candles are important décor elements that help provide light and set the mood for your space. Made with the realistic wick design, glass jar LED candles create the ambience and feel that flame-burning candles are known for, without the fire hazards or risks involved with having an open flame.

Open flame candles present an open flame risk and must be used with caution. Since flame-burning candles will eventually run out, it becomes expensive to constantly replace them. Open flame candles are also inefficient and inconvenient, with difficult to clean holders and messy dripping wax. Furthermore, open flame candles are difficult to use outdoors

Candles made with the Realistic Wick Design by Candle Impressions provide the look, feel, and flicker of flame burning candles without the deficiencies. Safe, clean, and odourless, these glass jar LED candles cannot be “blown-out,” making them a perfect solution in the home and outdoors.
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Choosing Glass Jar LED Candles

When shopping for a candle, a consumer wants a quality light source that lasts a long time and gives a pleasant ambience. Whether in the home, outdoors, or in your place of business, the cost of consistently replacing open flame candles can add up quickly. Glass jar LED candles can provide the look and feel of a flame, without generating heat or causing a fire hazard. Glass jar LED candles are filled with wax, just like their traditional counterparts, and the LED is embedded within the wax, hidden from sight. The only thing visible on the top of the candle is a realistic wick design, which allows the candle to look real on and off. . The best electric candles are made with real wax and provide superior battery life without sacrificing the ambience or feel of the candle.

Programmable Technologies

There are candles available that can be programmed to turn on or off at a scheduled time. Some LED candles are equipped with timers and remote controls for convenient use. With products available to fit every style, size, and season, a glass jar LED candle makes for a great and affordable way to illuminate any space.

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